Choosing the Right Coffee Table for your Living Room

Choosing the Right Coffee Table for your Living Room

A well designed coffee table can elevate a living room, enhance the flow of conversation and of course be a place to rest your coffee. When selecting a coffee table for your space, you should take into account the shape, the dimensions, as well as the material used. Make the right choice for your space by reading more.

Decide on the Right Shape for your Space

The three primary shapes of coffee tables include square, rounded, and nested. Each shape can bring a different aesthetic, flow and functionality. When deciding the shape of your coffee table, you need to consider the space you need to fill. Your coffee table should complement the style and look of the other pieces in your room and not over power them. All while serving a function.

Square Coffee Tables

Square coffee tables are associated with traditional and classical interior styles. They are a versatile and stylish addition to any living room or seating area. Square coffee tables can seamlessly fit into various room layouts. They can complement both large and small spaces effectively, providing a balanced look without overwhelming the room.

A square coffee table can also neatly fit into various spaces, creating a sense of organization and reducing clutter. We find square coffee tables perfectly compliment the angles of an L shaped sectional. 

Square tables also offer great functionality. The uniform shape provides plenty of surface area for various uses, from holding books and decorative items to serving food and drinks during gatherings. Additionally, many square coffee tables come with additional features such as lower shelves or drawers, offering extra storage space for organizing living room essentials.

All these factors, from their aesthetic appeal to spatial efficiency and multifunctionality, make square coffee tables an attractive option when you are looking to furnish or refresh your living space.

Round Coffee Tables

Looking to enhance the aesthetics and flow of your room? We recommend looking at round coffee tables. These can include both circular and oval coffee tables. In recent years, round organic-shaped coffee tables have surged in popularity, reflecting a growing appreciation for natural elements in interior design.

The circular shape of these tables offer a focal point that can complement a variety of interior design styles, from modern minimalist to Scandinavian inspired. We highly recommend the renowned brand Ethnicraft. Their pioneering designs incorporate natural elements which can elevate your space.

Rounded coffee tables are also known for their ability to add a gentle, inviting look to living spaces. The curves of a rounded table introduce a sense of continuity in a room. This allows both the traffic and the conversation flow easily.

Round coffee tables are also recommended for smaller spaces as the absence of corners makes it easier to navigate around, especially in tight spaces, reducing the likelihood of bumping into those sharp edges. This is also important to consider if you have kids running around the space!

The decision to choose a rounded coffee table can be influenced by its ability to improve the visual appeal of a space, the sense of continuity and safety features. These combined make rounded coffee tables a versatile and desirable choice for any living space.

Nested Coffee Tables

Last, but certainly not least are the nested coffee tables. These tables offer an innovative design and versatile functionality. Ideal for choice for smaller apartments or any living area where efficient use of space is a priority.

Often available in a variety of shapes, materials, and finishes, the diversity of nested coffee tables ensure that there's a set to match any decor theme. With the square shaped nested tables offering neatness and structure. While the round nested tables offer visual appeal and a sense of continuity.

Beyond aesthetics and space-saving capabilities, nested coffee tables are practical for families and entertainers alike. The ability to separate them also allows for a dynamic and customizable living space. Enjoy the convenience of expanding your table space when needed and tucking it away just as quickly. Tables can be moved around based on needs, providing extra surfaces for guests to place their drinks or personal items.

If functionality is what you are looking for in a coffee table, nested coffee tables could be the solution for you. With their variety of shapes, space spacing capabilities and an increased surface area, they are a great choice for smaller spaces or multi-functional spaces.

Consider the Size and Spacing

Once you have decided on the shape, you must consider the dimensions of your table in relation to the other pieces in the room. Much like the shape, the size of your coffee table should not over power the rest of the furniture. We have outlined some simple guides to follow to make sure your new coffee table feels balanced in the space.

First up is the length. If you have a long sofa, such as a three seater, we recommend choosing a longer coffee table. This will make the space feel more balanced while providing enough surface area for you, your family members. or guests.

For the height, use your sofa seat height as a guide. Follow the simple rule of not going lower than 3 inches below the seat height. Your table should not be higher than 1 inch above the seat height either. Following this rule will ensure your table feels balanced in the space while providing optimal functionality.

Lastly, you must consider the space between your table and sofa. The rule of thumb is to allow 14 inches between your coffee table and sofa. This will create a comfortable amount of space for you and your guests to navigate between your pieces.

Following these three simple guidelines will help you create a sense of balance among your furniture in your living room.

Choose the right Material 

Finally, you must decide on the material of your table. Your selection will depend on the overall style of your room and the functionality you require. The materials we are going to consider are wood, metal, marble, glass, and fabric.

Wooden coffee tables bring texture and softness into a room and work best with traditional and classical interior styles. Crafted from various types of wood, these tables are capable of withstanding the wear and tear of daily use, making them a long-lasting investment.

Metal coffee tables provide great durability in a range of finishes. Their cutting edge design compliments contemporary and modern interior styles. As the surface is reflective, marks and scratches can show up. A small bit of maintenance may be required to keep the surfaces looking their best.

Marble coffee tables provide natural colours to your space while adding a sense of luxury and luminosity. These coffee tables fit wonderfully with the glam aesthetic. Beyond aesthetics, marble is known for its durability. When properly maintained, a marble coffee table can withstand the test of time. This longevity makes it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Glass coffee tables offer a blend of elegance, functionality, and a touch of modernity. A reason to opt for a glass coffee table is its transparency creates an illusion of more space. This can make a room appear larger and more open than it actually is. The reflective quality of glass also helps in brightening a room by bouncing light around, which can make a space feel more vibrant and energetic.

Fabric coffee tables are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners and interior designers. Fabric coffee tables add softness and warmth to a room. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking to create a cozy atmosphere where friends and family can gather. Additionally, the softer edges of fabric coffee tables can be a safer option for households with young children, reducing the risk of injuries from bumps or falls.

In Summary

In summary, a well-designed coffee table can enhance a living room, and complement the room's style and provide functionality. Taking the time to consider the shape, fabric and dimensions, will help ensure you make the right decision for your space and needs.

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