Pod’s Guide to Vases

Pod’s Guide to Vases - Pod Furniture Ireland

Vases are a fantastic, though often undervalued, décor tool. A correctly chosen vase can leave a very big impact, just as much as a large piece of artwork or stylish rug. Here at Pod, we strongly believe choosing the correct décor can help take the styling of your home from good to great – do consider choosing one of the beautiful vases we have on offer to achieve this.

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The size of the vase you choose is very important as you don’t want it to be competing for attention with other decorative items. A small piece of artwork will call for a bulbous vase, potentially with a large bouquet, whereas a large mirror as the main decorative piece will call for a smaller vase that is more delicate and understated. The vase should either be the centrepiece when it comes to décor or a supporting act – but the room should never look too busy! The surroundings of the potential vase placement are extremely important to consider when choosing its size.


leaf vases

Style & Styling

A vase, ideally, should be appropriate for placing flowers (either real or faux) inside, but should also function dually as a decorative piece on its own for when you have nothing to place in it. Hitting a compromise between both should be the sweet spot that you aim to hit.

Obviously the vase should match its surroundings, though if you think a quirky, out-of-place vase could be pulled off as a piece of décor that is bold and eye-catching this is absolutely an option worth considering! This could work especially well if the room has an appropriately sparse amount of decoration.



As discussed vases should function either containing flowers or on their own accord – however, they can also be an excellent and more obscure choice for being functional beyond decoration. If styled correctly, they can be an interesting choice for holding kitchen tools on your countertops or rolled-up paperwork in your office. Play around and see what works for you.


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