Choosing the Perfect Dining Table and Chairs - POD's Dining Guide

Choosing the Perfect Dining Table and Chairs - POD's Dining Guide

A setting where meals are savoured, discussions flow, and memories are created is what matters most when selecting the ideal dining table and chairs. The right table and chairs set the tone for your dining area, whether you're decorating a formal dining room or a quaint breakfast nook. This thorough guide will assist you in sifting through the many choices and identifying the ideal fit for your house.

Step 1. Measure Your Space

The first step of getting the perfect dining table and chairs requires a little bit of homework. You should always measure the dimensions of your room before you head out shopping, to avoid disappointment. You should consider some other things such as door placement, walkways and light placement. 

Step 2. Assess Your Needs

How many people live in your household will generally determine the size table you will want. Although if you love to entertain, or it's your turn to host Christmas. Do you have a small space and want to maximize the amount of people you can fit in for occasions?

Step 3. Choose Your Size 

Selecting the right size dining table and chairs is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality. As a rule of thumb, there should be a space of 60cm allowed for each person for comfortable dining. If you only want to have a big table for rare occasions, then perhaps you should consider an extendable table.

Step 4. What Shape Would You Like?

If you have a long narrow space, then opting for a rectangular table is best. If you're working with a more square space, then a round dining table may be the best option for you. Having a similar shape for your dining table and chairs can look more cohesive. For example, more angular chairs look best with an angular table, and chairs with softer angles, or rounded edges look best with round dining tables. 

Step 5. What is Your Preferred Style?

You should consider the overall aesthetic of your home when choosing your dining table and chairs. Things like the interior style, the colours and materials will have an influence on what sort of dining table and chairs that you should opt for. For example, if you have a minimalist, Scandinavian vibe in your home, the Ethnicraft Bok dining table and chairs are the perfect choice!

Step 6. Consider Maintenance 

You shou how much care your dining table and chairs will require. Materials like glass and metal are easy to clean, but they show fingerprints and scratches more readily. To maintain its appearance, wood furniture may need to be polished or refinished on a regular basis. Choose finishes and textiles that are long-lasting and easy to care for, particularly if you have young children or pets.


Choosing the perfect dining table and chairs isn't always easy, but by taking your time and following these steps, you can pick and dining table are chairs that's right for you and will last the test of time. 


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