How to Maintain a Solid Ash Dining Table

How to Maintain a Solid Ash Dining Table

Wooden dining tables are a timeless classic, and can last for generations if maintained properly. If you have a solid ash dining table, here are some tips to help you enhance the natural beauty of your table.

So, how do you maintain solid ash? 

Ash dining tables need to be oiled about 3 times a year, depending on the warmth and humidity in the home. The stain of your table will be in your complimentary bottle of oil, which will allow you to replenish the colour each time you oil it. 

The best thing about opting for a solid wood dining table over a veneered one is that if you get any scratches or marks in your table, you have the option to sand it down and re-stain the table. Although you should try to avoid this, in the worst case scenario, you have an option to rescue your beautiful table. 


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