Guide to Custom Dining Chairs and Stools

Guide to Custom Dining Chairs and Stools

Welcome to the Pod Guide to Custom Chairs & Stools. In this blog, we will give you the full guide to creating your own bespoke dining chairs and counter stools from picking the right fabric for your lifestyle, to ensuring the colours mesh seamlessly into your room's design. 

Firstly, let's talk about what you should have ready before you come in for a complimentary consultation to make your custom creations. Any dimensions you, can get such as room plans, table size or the length of your island. Always bring along any samples you may have such as flooring, paint colour or cabinets if possible. Now that we have that out of the way, lets get into the design!


 Step 1. Choose your chair or stool

If you are going for both chairs and stools, each design has a matching chair and stool so that you can have consistency in your space. The model that you choose is entirely personal preference and factors such as whether you want a traditional or modern look can influence that.


 Step 2. Choose your fabric 

 Choosing the fabric, or fabrics is by far the most exciting part of the customisation process. Here are the choices that you have to make:



Seat: Many of customers like to opt for a PU leather for the seat of their chair or stool for practical reasons. This is where will need to be cleaned most often and PU leather has the advantage of being super easy to clean. Also, as this is where people will be sitting, opting for leather removes the risk of piling with repeat use. 

Seat Piping: For the seat piping you can either match your seat for a clean, seamless look or go for a contrasting colour for a bolder look.  

Back Inside: This is usually matching to the seat, or the back outside, depending on which model you choose, one or the other generally will fit better to the design.

Back Outside: The back outside is a great place to add a POP! When your dining chairs or counter stools are pushed in, this is what you will be looking at so many of our customers like to make this stand out the most. 

Back Piping: With the back piping you can either match your seat for a softer look or this is where people often go for a contrasting colour to make the gap between one fabric and other stand out more.   


Step 3. Choose your leg stain 

We have several leg stains from light to dark, which our customers often choose to match to an element of the room, which could be the floor, or black accents in the room for example. Alternatively, some people like to use a contrasting colour to add depth to the space. An additional option for counter stools is to get your footrest in wood, chrome or brass. 


Once you've picked everything you want, we will send your design into the factory and the items will be delivered to your door for free! We believe that a home is such a personal thing that you should be able to craft yours to your own taste. Our custom chairs and stools is one of the ways that we can help you do that. 


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