Ethnicraft: Forging the Path to Sustainable Furniture

Ethnicraft: Forging the Path to Sustainable Furniture

Our priorities when purchasing furniture has shifted over the past few decades, and sustainability is more than just a buzz word and certainly is more than a quick fix, it is a way of life and a way of operating.

For Ethnicraft, this has become their way of operating across the entire production process. By taking control of their supply chain, the brand has managed to enforce sustainable practices from forest to furniture. This has give Ethnicraft and you the opportunity to make a lasting positive impact on our planet. So let's dive into the ways that Ethnicraft takes matters into their own hands.

1. Durability by Design:

Ethnicraft believes in creating timeless pieces to ensure they never go out of style. By crafting pieces that are full of character and made from quality materials that age beautifully, this lends itself to making sure your pieces last a lifetime, and promotes sustainable consumption. Timeless design is the foundation in which Ethnicraft products are built on, and this is visible throughout their entire collection.  

2. Focus on Quality:

Ethniraft focuses on the quality of their materials during the production process, but also considering their lifecycle. With this in mind, they are continuously innovating and improving their production processes. Repairability is also a significant consideration when creating their collections. Where possible, Ethnicraft can offer their customers spare parts in an effort to maximize the lifespan of the product. 

3. Choosing the Right Materials:

The ultimate renewable and noble material, wood, is used in the production of the vast majority of Ethnicraft products and is all ethically and sustainable sourced from carefully managed forests who are complaint with EU Timber Regulations and the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan.

4. The Production Process:

Ethnicraft's no waste policy ensures that each piece of wood is used to it's full potential, with their designs allowing for reduction or reuse of scrap wood. Even the sawdust from working the wood is used for fuel for their drying ovens, or compressed to be used as a base for pallets. By taking this type of control during the production process, consumers are given the rare opportunity to purchase sustainably created furniture and their purchase can also be good for the planet. 

5. Supply Chain & Logistics:

Ethnicraft are currently in a transitioning their facilities to operate using green energy. This energy can be sourced from either burning wood residues or green energy sources. Ethnicraft's new HQ in Antwerp, Belgium, of offices and the showroom will be supplied 100% with solar energy. 

6.  A Circular Approach:

With a strong belief of the quality and durability of their products, Ethnicraft believes their product deserve the longest lifecycle as possible. Ethnicraft's circular approach includes their 're-loved' range, which offers refurbished products at a reduced price. 


Undoubtedly, the most sustainable choice is to not purchase at all, but unfortunately that is not always a realistic option to people. But the second most sustainable choice is buying Ethnicraft. By choosing to buy products such as Ethnicraft, it's more than likely a one time purchase, making it sustainable for the planet, and for your pocket!


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