Vintage Christmas

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Bolee Gold Candlestick Exner

Bolee Gold Candlestick

Bolee Gold Candlestick Candlestick, gold, metal, 8x8x34 cm
Jenni Gold Candlestick Exner

Jenni Gold Candlestick

Jenni Gold Candlestick Candlestick Doré, gold, metal, 11x11x35.5 cm  
Gold Acorn Exner

Gold Acorn

Gold Acorn Hazelnut Lilian, polyresin, 9x9x15 cm
Tessy Gold Candlestick Exner

Tessy Gold Candlestick

Tessy Gold Candlestick Candlestick Doré, metal, 12.7x12.7x17 cm

Gold Pinecone Tea Light Holder

Gold Pinecone Tea Light Holder Cone candle holder Aurum, gold, polyresin, 15.5x10x9.5 cm
Gold Rocking Horse Ornament Exner

Gold Rocking Horse Ornament

Gold Rocking Horse Ornament Rocking horse Lilian, polyresin, 11.5x3x14 cm  
Reinder Tree Ornaments (assorted designs) Exner

Reinder Tree Ornaments (assorted designs)

Reinder Tree Ornaments (assorted designs) Reindeer hanger Lilian, polyresin, 11.2x7x1.4 cm  
Elk with Robin Exner

Elk with Robin

Elk with Robin Reindeer with bird Lilian, polyresin, 21.9x11.8x32.2 cm
Mini Faux Christmas Tree Exner

Mini Faux Christmas Tree

Mini Faux Christmas Tree TannenBaum ArtificialNature, silver, PE/Burlap, 11x11x33 cm
Bell & Tree Garland Exner

Bell & Tree Garland

Bell & Tree Garland Xmas hanger Doré, metal, 7.5x7.5x44 cm
White Santa -6x5x21.9 cm Exner

White Santa -6x5x21.9 cm

White Santa Santa Lilian, white, polyresin, 6x5x21.9 cm
Green Tree Baubel (assorted designs) Exner

Green Tree Baubel (assorted designs)

Green Tree Baubel (assorted designs) XmasHanger Coloré, beige/green/silver, glass/metal