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As your dining table will be a focal point in your home, a dining table needs to be well crafted and strong, with this in mind consider carefully what it is made from.

Q: Softwood versus Hardwood in choosing a dining table?
Firstly the terms “hardwood” and “softwood” do not refer to the property of the wood itself but to the actual type of tree from which the wood comes from.
Softwoods comes from evergreen, coniferous tress and hardwoods come from deciduous trees which lose their leaves in the Autumn. Hardwood is typically more expensive than softwood.
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Q: Types of woods used in our dining collections?

1. Elm wood – is one of the hardest of all hardwoods, Elm wood is valued for its interlocking grain, making it resistant to splitting. Elm wood is available in light brown to dark brown.
2. Teak wood – is one of the most expensive hardwoods to buy, teak is one of the few woods in the world containing a natural oil which repels water, keeping it from warping, cracking or becoming brittle.
Teak wood is strong and durable, able to withstand extremes of heat and cold. Its durablility means that it is unlikely to suffer from rotting. The colour and grain of teak wood makes it one of the most attractive.
3. Oak – is very strong, heavy and durable hardwood. It is an attractive light colour with a prominent grain and is resistant to rotting. When a natural finish or oil is applied, the variations and contrasts shine through this beautiful wood.
4. Rosewood – a hardwood with beautiful veining, the correct name for this rosewood in our collection is the Sheesham tree, a well defined grain pattern to the wood making each piece of Sheesham wood furniture unique and special.

Q: How do I care for my dining table?

In order to maintain the beauty and durability of your hardwood, they should be oiled frequently. It is important to maintain the appearance of your beautiful wood dining table. Depending on your preferred finish there are several ways to this. Some customers love to keep a natural, porous finish and others prefer an oiled finish. Products are available online or in larger diy stores.These products include oil, sanding pads, oil and grease stain removers. Be sure to use soft sponges, microfiber cloths and lint free cloths when cleaning your wooden table. You may also wish to avail of the services of a professional joiner for this. Show Less