Pod's Guide to Dining Tables

Pod's Guide to Dining Tables - Podfurniture

How to choose your dining room table – consider some of the following points.

  1. Purpose of your dining table?
    In most homes the dining table serves more functions than to simply sit and eat at family meal times.
    Deciding on your table’s size and style might depend on whether it is to act as main table for all your meals as well as the place to work and study.
    If you love to host a crowd but you’ve also got a big family and not a huge space, consider an extendable dining table which can be made smaller for day to day life.
  2. Shape – shape and size of your room will dictate what shape of table you should purchase, for example a oval or rectangular table is most likely to be the better option in a rectangular space,
    In smaller spaces a round table with pedestal base tends to make the perimeter of a room appear larger while the lack of legs will make room for additional chairs.
    Larger rooms allow for greater flexibility when deciding on the shape and size of furniture and more often the dining table will act as a statement piece of furniture while also serving the daily every day uses.
  3. How much space do I need around a dining table?
    A general rule of thumb is to allow 90cm between the table edge and the wall but more (100-120cm) is better.
    Allow a minimum of 60cm of table surface or allow up to 80cm for extra elbow room. For rectangular tables, allow an extra 30 cms at each end for those seated at the head or foot of the table.
  4. Height – while tables can have different shapes and sizes, the standard height of a dining table is generally consistent, the average height is between 28 inches and 30 inches from floor to the table top.
    Chair height from the floor to the seat is 45 cms, it is recommended to allow 30 cms from the seat of your chair to the table top.
  5. How many people will fit?

Round/Square Table Size Comfortably Seats

90-120cm 4 people
150cm 6 people
180cm 8 people

Oval/Rectangular Table Size
90-120 cm 4 people
150cm 6 people
180cm 8 people