Pod’s Guide to Hanging Lights

Pod’s Guide to Hanging Lights - Podfurniture
Good lighting makes all the difference in a home especially if your space is feeling a little lackluster.

Consider the scale of the room

Small table lamps are great for subtle illumination but sometimes consider a larger lamp or oversized pendant light or a tall floor lamp. This can set the focal point and ambience that a room requires.

Light dark corners of your house

Areas likes closets, shelves, kitchen counters are often neglected but they become more functional when lit with soft lighting.

Add a dimmer

This allows you to change up the mood and brightness of a room.

Consider ceiling height

Some lights come with adjustable cables and other don’t. General rule of thumb is a light should hang 12 to 20 inches below a standard 8 foot ceiling. For each additonal foot of ceiling height add 3 inches.

Table Pendants

Hanging a light over a dining room table or a kitchen island, 28 to 34 inches is the recommended distance from the bottom of the light to the surface of the table or island. This will depend on the size of the lights, larger hanging lights can be moved higher and smaller hanging lights can be moved lower. It is your preference.


Don’t limit your lighting design by only considering downlighting, look at uplighting or wall lights to create a warmer and a softer glow. Avoid harsh downlighting which can cast shadows.


Energy saving bulbs such as CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) and LED bulbs come in a range of warm or cool hues.